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About the ParentsNext Program

ParentsNext is a voluntary pre-employment program that aims to develop early intervention assistance for parents with young children at risk of long-term welfare dependency.

OCTEC helps parents to identify and reach their education and employment goals through participation in activities and by connecting parents to local services to help them prepare for employment.

About OCTEC Limited

OCTEC is a leader in assisting people and their communities to provide early pathways to employment, and to help individuals adjust to changing employment conditions.

A key to the success achieved by OCTEC has been tailoring training and support to individual needs and local circumstances. This has required OCTEC to continuously evolve as an organisation over the 40 years of our existence.

Child Safety and Wellbeing is important to OCTEC Limited

Some of OCTEC’s customers, clients and their families are potentially more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation or neglect as a result. We have a responsibility to protect those in our care from sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect.

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