OCTEC A Caring ParentsNext Partner

Helping parents reach their goals

We work with parents to identify and reach their education and employment goals by connecting them to local supports and helping them prepare for employment. Parents are elegible if they:

  • A you receiving a Parenting Payment
  • Have a youngest child under six years of age
  • Reside in an OCTEC ParentsNext employment region

Watch and learn about ParentsNext

Helping parents reach their goals

Work with you to achieve your goals in employment and education.
Listen to your needs and work around your busy life as a parent with great family facilities at our offices.
Connect you with general support such as health, child care, housing, and meeting other parents.

ParentsNext is a pre-employment program funded by the Australian Government. For more information visit the Australian Government website.


OCTEC helped me to complete my studies and secure a fulltime job in my Indigenous community. I am still involved with OCTEC Savvy Parents although I’ve exited the program, taking part in Parent Advisory Groups, and promoting OCTEC to young First Australian mums.

Kym, Participant


Robyn and OCTEC ParentsNext helped me to grow my skillset. They paid for me to attend an English course at TAFE and paid for a computer to help me study. I’ve started a Cert IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. Through my church, I was offered a casual administration role.

Yasmin*, Participant


Michelle at OCTEC ParentsNext in Maclean took the time to listen to what I had to say. We both agreed I should stay in construction, as this was a sector I knew, but in a role that was easier for me to manage. OCTEC helped me get the qualifications and certificates.

Aijal, Participant


Thanks to OCTEC ParentsNext I gained the knowledge and skills needed for me to be able to enter the industry I wanted during my time with, and I was supported in my journey. I gained confidence in my skills and was able to build upon them.

Shannen, Participant

Continue to witness the self-determination in our second book

Our second book, ‘Believe in Me’ profiles the next chapter for those we met initially, as they share how their how participating in our parent service changed their lives. It also provides further inspiration from our communities and introduces OCTEC’s Savvy Parents service.

Introducing parents as they begin their journey of discovery

‘The Power Of Me’ is the first book we published, which showcases the success of OCTEC ParentsNext Participants in discovering themselves and what they want. We then follow them as they reach their goals. They share their stories to inspire others.



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